Corporate responsibility

We take responsibility

What social responsibility means for a company is interpreted in a variety of ways. For us it means that we take responsibility for our employees and our environment, going beyond the statutory framework.

For our employees

We invest in the education and training of our employees and are actively involved in counteracting the skill shortage in our industry. For the wellbeing of our employees, we also support a work-life balance and focus on attractive wages and employee benefits, which exceed the minimum legal requirements.

For our business and our environment

Each year we invest in more efficient machinery and equipment, keeping our site up to date. Sustainable development and production are important to us, which is why we continuously integrate obligations and principles into the implementation of all processes – for example, in the use of resources. For our environment, we have embraced measures for the certification of the environmental management system according to ISO 14001.

For our customers and suppliers

We are committed to ethical and legal principles in cooperating with suppliers and customers, and we act in accordance with our regulations. This means our partners can be assured that we clearly distance ourselves from price rigging and corruption.

For social engagement

We do not work alone, rather we see ourselves as part of a community. For this reason we support various associations and charities in order to give something back to society. In addition, we support – wherever possible – rehabilitation projects and provide the people concerned with a regular job.