Consulting & development

Our customers have a goal - we accompany them on the journey to achieve it. Our many years of expertise in mold technology, manufacturing processes and materials meet the specific needs of our customers. We are able to achieve an individual and perfect solutions step by step.

From the inital idea to the finished product, we offer everything from A-Z. Our products are developed specifically to meet the desired requirements and thus, a perfect result is reached in regular exchange with our customers. On request, our development team also creates prototypes for visualization and functional testing.

Feasibility study

Would you like to check in advance whether your project idea can be realized with the injection molding technology? We offer you a feasibility study online or in our company and advise you on the possibilities in mold technology and the development of injection molded parts. To do so, fill out the contact form below and upload your project data for review. That's all you need to do - we'll get back to you.

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