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Two Elion 500 with Sepro 5X handling for 32-cavity micro injection moulding with high precision

This year in 2022 we have taken delivery of two injection moulding machines, bringing our total to 45. The characteristics of precise mould closure and very precise injection were important arguments for the purchase of the two injection moulding machines from Netstal. With these machines we follow our philosophy of producing very small complex parts with great precision. Both machines are fully electric and, together with the Sepro 5-axis robot, enable us to produce series efficiently with high repeatability to ensure the required quality in large quantities. The highly automated packaging systems allow us to store the parts in a sorted and gentle manner and, if necessary, to produce at weekends without personnel.  

As an ISO 14'000 certified company, we always strive to invest in the latest technologies and to produce in an energy and environmentally friendly way. This is why the fully servo motor-controlled machines are a perfect fit for our company.

Swiss Plastics Expo 2023

SKS AG will be at the Swiss Plastics Expo at the Lucerne Exhibition Centre from 17 to 19 January 2023. We look forward to seeing you and will be happy to treat you to some snacks and drinks at stand A-1000.

For free trade fair admissions, please contact Ms Andrea Häusermann at verkauf(at)

We are looking forward to your visit.

Your SKS team

We invest in our future

Our previous surface grinding machine is getting on in years and has therefore been replaced in the last few days by this new Ziersch Z48 surface grinding machine. With it, we can cover a grinding range of 800 mm on 500 mm with a transverse movement of 450 mm. The solid cast construction of all machine parts brings stability, precision and a maximum possible table load of up to 700 kg. Operation is via a large 10.4 inch touch screen colour display. The sanding machine works much faster than the previous one and is also state-of-the-art in terms of safety and environment. The entire working area of the machine is enclosed and the exhaust air is extracted and filtered. 
This surface grinding machine is a further step in the future-oriented investments at SKS AG Kunststoffe & Werkzeugbau.

2 new injection moulding machines

1 piece e-mac 465/130 with viper 20-RC300 integrated
1 piece e-mac 465/80 with viper 20-RC300 integrated

At the end of December 2021, a 120 t. machine was replaced by the 130 to. machine, the 80 t. machine was purchased as part of a capacity expansion. We now have 43 injection moulding machines.

The new injection moulding machines are specially equipped with a removal robot and a lateral discharge conveyor belt. This makes it possible to produce parts on a cooling line or to deposit and package parts separated by mould cavity. Both machines are fully electric and enable us to manufacture with high precision and very high repeatability to ensure the required quality.

As an ISO 14000 certified company, we always strive to invest in the latest technologies and to produce in an energy and environmentally friendly way.

SKS AG at Fakuma 2021

SKS AG will be back at Fakuma this year from 12 to 16 October 2021 in Hall B2, Stand B2-2107 in Friedrichshafen. This 27th International Trade Fair for Plastics Processing is the world's leading trade event for injection moulding. We would be pleased to invite you for snacks and drinks and look forward to your visit.

We look forward to seeing you!

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