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Diligent down to the last detail


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Marcel Krapf - Longest serving employee retires

At the end of February 2021, our valued employee and friend Marcel Krapf officially retired after 39 years!

He joined SKS AG on 1 November 1982 as Karl Steiner's first employee and has experienced all phases and times of the company with him. From the beginning, our "Mäse" was always a loyal, eager employee and an absolute team player. From his passion sport "football" he knows that you can only win as a team. He has therefore always ensured good cohesion in the tool shop. Even in difficult times, he let the coach in him and motivated the employees. We are very grateful to Mäse for this and for his always good performance.

He also became a family friend during this long time and it is always nice to chat with him about God and the world. The nicest compliment he gave Karl, however, was when he once said: "You know, Kari, the SKS is also my company!

Fortunately, Mäse Krapf will stay with us for a while after his official retirement. He would like to continue supporting us on a 60% part-time basis until he can finally start his journey in Asia after Corona.

We thank Mäse from the bottom of our hearts and wish him all the best for his new phase of life.

The Steiner family

Communication about the succession plan of SKS AG

We are very pleased to announce our new management structure. After 40 years, Mr. Karl Steiner will pass on the management of SKS AG to his successor this year. Ms. Valerie Steiner will become the new CEO from July 2021.

We are convinced that with the new organization we can guarantee a successful takeover.  The primary goal is that we continue the company SKS AG in a similar style and with the same philosophy as it was built up and lived by Karl Steiner.

Our management has consisted of Karl, Valerie, Michael and Lilian Steiner together with Christoph Weber, the operations manager, for quite some time. As of January 1, 2021, Ms. Valerie Steiner assumed the role of Deputy CEO. She will continue to be the overall head of finance, human resources and the administration department. Valerie Steiner will take over the management of SKS AG from 1 July 2021. Furthermore, as of January 1, 2021, Mr. Roger Zweifel was newly integrated into the Executive Board in the position of Head of Production Engineering. Michael and Lilian Steiner will retain their responsibilities as Head of Toolmaking and Head of Sales respectively.

Karl Steiner will remain as CEO until June 30, 2021. He will then withdraw completely from the operational business, but will remain with SKS AG as Chairman of the Board of Directors in an advisory capacity with his extensive experience.

We are convinced that with this expanded management team, SKS AG can continue to operate in a similar style and with the same philosophy that Karl Steiner established and lives by today. The primary goal is to maintain our good relationships with our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Thank you very much and best regards
The Steiner family

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4 new hybrid injection molding machines

2 pieces e-victory 5o/28 with viper 6 -RC300 integrated
1 piece e-victory 170/50 with viper 6- RC300 integrated
1 piece e-victory 170/50

2 hybrid injection molding machines have been replaced and 2 additional machines have been purchased so that we now have a total of 42 injection molding machines.

The new injection molding machines are specially equipped with unloading robot and lateral discharge conveyor. This allows parts to be produced on a cooling line or to be deposited and packaged separately from the mold cavity.

They are all hybrid machines with electric injection unit for high part accuracy. The clamping unit is hydraulic with ecodrive system. As an ISO 14'000 certified company, we always strive to invest in the latest technologies and to produce in an energy and environment friendly way.

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Information on the coronavirus COVID 19 - Measures and guarantee

Like the rest of the world and the Swiss economy, the rapid development of events surrounding the corona virus COVID-19 presents us with major challenges. We are monitoring the situation very actively and have already introduced numerous measures to protect the health of our employees, customers and business partners.

We are doing everything in our power to continue to offer you reliability and punctuality. We ask for your understanding in this unpredictable situation and thank you very much for your cooperation.

Information Letter on Coronavirus COVID 19 in German

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New machines

Picomax Versa 823
As a replacement machine for our Mikron VCP 600, we received our new Versa 823 in mid-December 2019, just in time for the move. With its large travel X:820 Y:700 Z:450, it is perfectly suited for panel processing up to 796 x 646 and also has an 80-fold tool changer, 18'000 rpm. spindle 30 m/min. Rapid traverse, TNC640 control and Knoll belt filter system. Ready for future challenges.

Minelli Compact 400L - Cobra EP20W
In order to be able to manufacture your moulds even more professionally, we have decided to use a marking laser from the Zurich Oberland. Deep engraving as well as optical markings without ablation are possible.