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Diligent down to the last detail

SKS AG – the professionals for injection moulding processes

We are a Swiss company, which has been developing and producing plastic parts using the injection moulding process since 1981. Versatility with individual customer solutions, precision in tool development, efficiency in series production and flexibility in component assembly are our strengths.


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Congratulations on successfully passing the final apprenticeship exams

We congratulate our apprentices Mr. Adin Baltic, plastics technologist EFZ (left side) and Matthias Moser, polymechanic EFZ (right side) on passing their final apprenticeship exams.

We are proud of their great performance and wish them both continued success on their paths.



We continue to write the SKS story

We are very pleased to announce the second step of our succession plan. Karl Steiner, owner and founder of SKS AG, is retiring completely from the operational business after 40 years in management. He will remain with SKS as Chairman of the Board of Directors with his great experience in an advisory capacity.

Ms Valerie Steiner will take over the…


Marcel Krapf - Longest serving employee retires

At the end of February 2021, our valued employee and friend Marcel Krapf officially retired after 39 years!

He joined SKS AG on 1 November 1982 as Karl Steiner's first employee and has experienced all phases and times of the company with him. From the beginning, our "Mäse" was always a loyal, eager employee and an absolute team player. From his…


Communication about the succession plan of SKS AG

We are very pleased to announce our new management structure. After 40 years, Mr. Karl Steiner will pass on the management of SKS AG to his successor this year. Ms. Valerie Steiner will become the new CEO from July 2021.

We are convinced that with the new organization we can guarantee a successful takeover.  The primary goal is that we continue…


4 new hybrid injection molding machines

2 pieces e-victory 5o/28 with viper 6 -RC300 integrated
1 piece e-victory 170/50 with viper 6- RC300 integrated
1 piece e-victory 170/50

2 hybrid injection molding machines have been replaced and 2 additional machines have been purchased so that we now have a total of 42 injection molding machines.

The new injection molding machines are specially…