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Diligent down to the last detail

SKS AG – the professionals for injection moulding processes

We are a Swiss company, which has been developing and producing plastic parts using the injection moulding process since 1981. Versatility with individual customer solutions, precision in tool development, efficiency in series production and flexibility in component assembly are our strengths.


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New truck takes to the road

A truck with a trailer and space for a total of 36 pallets has recently been added to our fleet of vehicles. At a length of 18.75 metres and an engine power of 460 HP, it is perfectly equipped for longer-distance deliveries. 


SKS AG upgrades

Three new injection moulding machines have recently been ordered for the production plant: two fully electric 35-tonne machines and a fully electric 175-tonne machine will be delivered by the end of the year. There is also a new arrival in the toolmaking facility. The new 5-axis milling machine is used for electrode manufacturing and for hard...