Apprenticeship as plastics technologist EFZ or plastics processor EBA


Plastics technologists work with the material plastic and process it in various procedures. For this purpose the production machines are set up with plastic injection tools and afterwards programmed. They improve the manufacturing processes on the machine and thus guarantees a trouble-free and value-adding production. The products produced are tested by plastics technologists and checked for quality characteristics. Plastic parts are used all over the world for the different applications. Therefore, the profession of plastics technologist is always exciting, because it has many facets.

Apprenticeship at SKS AG

In SKS AG we do plastic injection moulding. This means that our apprentices learn the profession of plastics technologists in injection moulding. We are able to offer a versatile education, as we process a wide range of plastics for a variety of customers and requirements. In the vocational school in Rapperswil the theoretical basics are learned. Through practical work with us on the injection moulding machines, the setting up of the tools and programming of the various machines is learned. Our motivated team of plastics technologists and technicians teach the apprentices all the skills they need to successfully complete their training. We offer the training with or without associate degree.


  • Completed secondary school A or good grades in secondary school B
  • Good school performance in mathematics and geometry
  • Interest in chemistry and physics
  • Good spatial sense
  • Pleasure in analytical thinking and precise work
  • Craftsmanship
  • Pleasure in teamwork

Plastics Processors EBA

We also train plastics processors EBA. They learn how to operate with injection moulding machines and how to carry out maintenance work. The vocational certificate is a training with less theoretical background knowledge and lasts 2 years.